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We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. From your first tooth as a baby, we are constantly told that if you don’t have good dental hygiene you will regret it later. Brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist regularly are indeed good habits to have throughout your life, but what happens when the need arises to get adult teeth pulled or wear dentures? No matter how well you take care of your teeth, this could happen to you. This is not a pleasant experience for most people, and some will put it off all together. Having dental issues can cause embarrassment and put a financial strain on so many people. One option that you have is to get bridges secured by dental implants. If you live in southern Utah or are willing to travel out there, then you must look into Full Mouth Solutions or FMS. Full Mouth Solutions offer affordable bridges called FMS⁴ that are secured by four or more dental implants. Each arch starts around $7000 (compared to the competitors which start around $20,000) and most patients can have the entire procedure done with only one surgery. Each FMS⁴ is uniquely created at their own lab in Enoch, Utah so you know you are getting the best there is to offer. If you are tired of the hassles of wearing dentures or are new to the idea of getting dental implants, then you must look into FMS⁴ today! Please visit their website at You can click on the Contact screen and send them an inquiry or call them at 435-383-3339. They can offer you a free diagnostic appointment (normally cost is $600). It’s time to enjoy your pearly whites again! Now that you have read about Full Mouth Solutions, please feel free to read our article below about proper dental care.

Dental hygiene is crucial to having healthy teeth and the overall well-being of the human body. It is extremely important for parents to instill proper dental hygiene from an early age so they can develop life-long habits. Even before the first tooth erupts, it’s very important to wipe your babies’ teeth with a clean cloth or gauze to remove any milk residue (even toddlers can get cavities). As they get older and their teeth start coming in, teach them how to properly brush and floss (twice daily at a minimum) and take them to the dentist every 6 months. For many kids this is not a very fun experience, but if they start visiting the dentist at a very early age it can be very simple. The implant bridge anxiety a child can feel from dental visits can often come from their parents, so it’s important that they see you visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your teeth too (and it’s good for you as well!!).

Dental care generally means taking good care of a person's gums and teeth and other relevant structures of somebody's mouth. Properly brushing and flossing are essential to good mouth care. Many dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush as they tend to get the teeth a lot cleaner than a manual toothbrush. Ideally, we should brush after every meal. Dental care is a valuable part of general wellbeing and proper oral health gives an awareness of overall wellbeing. Dental cleanings can't be ignored for any reason and there's no excuse to never visit the dentist.

As we get older, sometimes the need may arise to have teeth removed or to get dentures. For some people, the need may come a bit earlier due to an unforeseen accident or extreme mouth pain that requires them to have their teeth removed. Whatever the cause, having dentures is not the most pleasant experience. They are a constant hassle and can be very expensive (especially if you don’t have insurance or the dental insurance you do have doesn’t cover near as much as you would like it to). An alternative solution is the affordable dental implants from Full Mouth Solutions (FMS). No need for the constant hassle of dentures because FMS⁴ dental implants offer affordable bridges that are permanent solutions for a beautiful healthy mouth. How wonderful would it be to not have to worry about where your dentures are or the constant worry of having a “denture issue” in public? This is a viable option for many people, so please visit them today at You will be happy you did because your smile will be all the proof that you need!